Brygel’s Management of Ingrown Toenails

This common condition which is frequently found in adolescents can be readily dealt with in your office with a little training and confidence. Brygel’s Management of Ingrown Toenails demonstrates in detail a range of surgical procedures used for this condition.

Brygel covers all aspects of the procedure including anatomy, conservative measures, the removal of the nail edge, avulsion of the whole nail in selected cases, and the more complex wedge resection. Brygel also takes a look at the alternatives such as using Phenol ablation to removes the nail bed is demonstrated. With the surgical treatment of an ingrown toenail obtaining satisfactory Local Anaesthesia is the key. And as part of Brygel’s Treatment for Ingrown Toenail course he covers the digital block in detail.
The techniques are demonstrated with expertly filmed videos from Brygel’s extensive media collection. In addition to the surgical aspects Brygel also covers informed consent, safety precautions and post-operative care are all covered in detail. As well, other nail conditions such as acute paronychia abscess and subungual haematoma.

Course Curriculum

Module 01
01.1 SurgiSkills Orientation 00:05:00
This module provides an overview of the SurgiSkills websites and outlines how you use this site to customise your profiles, view the lectures, download files, complete quiz’s, ask questions and view questions and answers from other students.
Module 02
02.1 Ingrown Toenail: Introduction FREE 00:02:00
This module introduces the course lecturer, Associate Professor Maurice Brygel and outlines what will be covered in this course.
Module 03
03.1 Surgical Theory Pt. I 00:23:00
03.2 Surgical Theory Pt. II 00:21:00
03.3 Surgical Theory Pt. III 00:21:00
03.4 Surgical Theory Pt. IV 00:21:00
Module 04
04.1 Ingrown Toenail: Diagnosis 00:05:00
04.2 Diagnosis: Quiz Unlimited
Module 05
05.1 Anatomy of the Toe 00:02:00
05.2 Anatomy of the Toe: Quiz Unlimited
Module 06
06.1 Conservative Measures 00:02:00
06.2 Conservative Measures: An Alternative Technique 00:03:00
Module 07
07.1 Surgical Options 00:04:00
Module 08
08.1 Digital Block 00:09:00
08.2 Digital Block: Alternative Technique 00:03:00
08.3 Digital Nerve Block: Quiz Unlimited
Module 09
09.1 Surgical Option: Wedge Resection 00:18:00
09.2 Wedge Resection: Case Study 00:10:00
09.3 Wedge Resection: Alternative Dressing Technique 00:01:00
09.4 Wedge Resection: Quiz Unlimited
Module 10
10.1 Surgical Option: Treatment with Phenol 00:03:00
10.2 Treatment with Phenol: An Alternative Technique 00:04:00
Module 11
11.1 Ingrown Toenail: Aftercare 00:03:00
11.2 Aftercare: Quiz Unlimited
Module 12
12.1 Other Nail Conditions 00:04:00
12.2 Other Nail Conditions: Dr. Ben Elisha 00:10:00

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