Brygel’s Suture Tool Kit

This course is designed for all medical professionals who use surgical closures in the course of their practice. It is also highly beneficial for Medical Students, Nurses and Registrars. We have made this course FREE to our subscribers as we feel this tool kit is essential knowledge.


In most surgical situations wound closure of some kind is required.

In the Brygel’s Suture Tool Kit you will learn the principals of wound closure and wound healing along with various wound closure options available. The course also outlines which wound closure technique is best suited to various wounds.

The program also demonstrates in detail the:

  • Square knot
  • Simple interrupted suture
  • Deep suture
  • Horizontal and vertical mattress suture
  • Inverted suturing
  • Subcuticular suturing

The program also covers:

  • The various types and sutures and needles available.
  • How to select the correct suture and needle combination for the job.
  • The various instruments used in suturing including the large range of needle holders from Olsen Hegar to Gillies.
  • Tips on obtaining a cosmetic closure using simple and more complex suturing.

Course Curriculum

BST 01 Course Objectives 00:01:00
BST 02 Wound Healing 00:02:00
BST 03 Sutures 00:09:00
BST 04 Suture Times 00:01:00
BST 05 Instruments 00:04:00
BST 06 Loading a Scalpel 00:01:00
BST 07 Instrument Kits 00:02:00
BST 08 Handling Instruments 00:01:00
BST 09 Suture Packaging 00:02:00
BST 10 Suture Placement 00:02:00
BST 11 Square Knot 00:06:00
BST 12 Buried Interrupted 00:03:00
BST 13 Mattress Sutures 00:03:00
BST 14 Vertical Mattress 00:02:00

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