02.1 Ingrown Toenail: Introduction

This module introduces the course lecturer, Associate Professor Maurice Brygel and outlines what will be covered in this course.

Hello, I’m Maurice Brygel. I’m a general surgeon in Melbourne, Australia, and we’re going to discuss today ingrown toenails. We’re going to talk about the conservative and operative management of ingrown toenails which are a problem in children, babies, adolescents, and even the elderly.

In the treatment of the condition, we’re going to talk about the different surgical techniques in particular digital block with wedge resection. But we’re also going to talk about the use of Phenol which is an increasing popular method of ablating the nail bed.

Now we’re going to evaluate and treat surgically a variety of nail-related conditions including ingrown toenails. We’ll deal with nail injuries including subungual haematoma. We will deal also with nail deformity, koilonychia, sometimes with fungal infections. We’re going to talk about paronychia, and, in particular, paronychia abscess, and how to manage this acute, painful problem.

Now we wanted to show you how to use a successful digital block to remove all or part of a nail, to perform a wedge resection, and to drain a paronychia abscess. Of course, in any procedure, we need to be able to provide the appropriate informed consent outlining the benefits, the different alternative techniques to treat this problem, and to be able to discuss the risk of the procedure in some detail as well, of course, as the post-operative care.

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